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Plasma displays feature the same thin, light weight designs as LCDs without the viewing angle and ambient light limitations. They also feature a bright backlight and a number of different connection options, making them ideal for video conferencing and other presentation needs.


Excellent Image Quality
Plasma displays offer extremely vibrant images with high contrast levels and rich colors.


Selectable Aspect Ratios
Most Plasma displays feature a number of selectable aspect ratios, making them perfect for multimedia and video presentations


Very Thin Profiles
Plasma displays, like LCDs, are incredibly thin and lightweight. They are ideal for small working environments or situations in which you would want to mount your screen on the wall.


Wide Viewing Angles
Images projected on plasma displays can usually be seen clearly from any angle, making them ideal for presenting to a number of people.


No Flicker
Plasma Displays are designed to run at low refresh rates with no flicker. Eye strain should never be a problem. You should not expect to see any ghosting or other visual artifacts when there is movement on the screen.


Plasma Displays are by far the most expensive on the market. Of course, for this extra money you are getting some of the finest features on the market today.


Energy Consumption
Plasma displays consume considerably more energy than standard LCDs and CRTs.


Screen Burn
By their nature, plasma displays are extremely susceptible to screen burning. Screen burning is when a static image is displayed for too long and burns out the individual pixels. A screen saver should always be used to prevent screen damage.