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This is the standard for inkjet printers. Typically, a four-color ink jet holds two ink cartridges-one with black ink and one with color inks (cyan, magenta, and yellow). Some hold four cartridges, with a different cartridge for each color, which is a better value in the long run. Having four separate cartridges means you don't have to throw out the unused ink cartridge just because you've used up another color.

Most four-color inkjets can print photos at almost true photographic quality. Photo inkjets are easy to use, have great media flexibility, and are affordable. This type of printer uses a jet-spray technique to combine four to six colors of ink. You can broaden the range of color combinations by having six-color ink cartridges, usually two tanks of ink are specifically for photo printing. The photographic output from most printers in this category is amazing - it is practically indistinguishable from film prints! The only downside of using a photo inkjet printer is that the cost per page is higher and the printing speed is slower.