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10 Quick Tips for Buying Carts


1. Service utility carts are made with steel or hard plastic and serve a variety of workplace applications. When shopping for carts, first determine the number of shelves you need, along with drawers and load capacity.


2. Steel platform carts are designed for heavy use. Choose the size and shape that meets your requirements. Handles can be either fixed or removable.


3. Bulk handling carts are generally enclosed on three or all four sides, and the sides can be solid or mesh. They are generally used for containing piece goods or hand equipment. Some bulk handling carts can be locked for security purposes.


4. Table carts and chair carts are designed to stack and move large quantities for quick and easy set up at events and receptions. These carts are popular with schools and hotels.


5. Lumber carts and drywall carts are necessary tools at construction job sites because building materials are heavy and bulky. Carts with center casters make maneuvering heavy loads easier.


6. Folding platform carts are ideal for smaller jobs. The handle folds down for easy storage when not in use, and many of these carts will fit in the trunk of a car.


7. Specialty carts are made for specific jobs, such as stock picking, food service, mattress moving, and janitorial services.


8. A/V and office mail carts are typically used in schools and around the office. Great for moving overhead projectors, TVs and DVD players, these carts can also be used for general delivery. Remember to check the height of the cart to ensure your equipment will fit.


9. Wood platform carts are extremely durable and will handle heavy loads. They are quieter than steel carts due to the wood platform.


10. Poly platform carts are commonly used in the food service industry and grocery stores because they are less prone to rust. Most have reinforcement rails under the platform for added strength.


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