The Personal Consumer Grade CopierHide

Most PC grade machines are sold by your local office superstore. They are designed to produce a maximum of 500 to 1,500 copies monthly. In buying the PC Grade Machine, remember that the convenience of a new small PC grade copier may soon be over shadowed by the lack of features, capacity, high cost per copy, and lack of available on-site service.

 Pluses and minuses of the PC copier. The pluses are 1) "instant warm-up" that means when you turn the machine on it is ready to make a copy within one minute, 2) operator replaceable drum / copy cartridges, and 3) low purchase price. Now lets get to the minuses, 1) slow only 5-10 copies per minute (CPM), 2) high cost per copy aprox. 7.3 cents) lack of available features and paper sizes, and 4) lack of on-site service.

In the event of any needed repairs, most of these machines are not on-site serviceable by the manufacturer and are shipped off to "Repair Depots" resulting in a loss of your copier (possibly for several weeks) during the repair period. However we would like to note that PC grade machines in general enjoy an excellent record for reliability and customer satisfaction. We at Coastal Toner and Service provide local repair for PC grade machines.

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