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What is MICR?

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It is normally pronounced my-ker.  With the advent of computers, MICR technology was developed by the banking industry to use magnetic ink and special fonts so that check account numbers could be read and sorted by machine rather than by hand. MICR Toner is primarily used to print the account and bank route numbers at the bottom of checks. MICR toner is the primary component of MICR printing.


How does MICR Technology work?

MICR technology uses a special font and iron oxide additive to print the bank account information at the bottom of each check. The font consists of 14 characters consisting of numbers 0-9 and four special symbols. The bank information printed on the bottom line of the check is read and sorted by special magnetic or OCR readers.


What are MICR specifications?

MICR specifications include the physical characteristics of the MICR font characters and their proper placement on checks and documents. These guidelines ensure proper compliance so that the magnetic characters are correctly read by bank reader and sorter equipment.


How is MICR Toner different from Laser Toner?

MICR toner contains iron oxide. The iron oxide can be magnetized thus allowing magnetic readers to decode the bank account and routing numbers. MICR toner contains fifty percent or more iron oxide additives, which is required to meet ANSI readability standards and specifications.


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