Why Buy a Projector?

Projectors are a perfect way to interact with your audience and present real time information. With outstanding images created by the latest generation projectors they also can be a superb home entertainment solution.

Portable projectors are the perfect way to engage customers with your presentation while on the road

Install a projector in a conference room and make data readily available

Engage your students with interactive tools and enjoy the freedom to move about the classroom

Watch movies, sporting events and play games with the new generation of home entertainment projectors

What should I consider in buying a Projector?

In making this decision, you will want to consider these topics and questions.

Resolution - How much detail do I need?

Weight - Am I going to travel with the projector? How portable does the projector need to be?

Brightness (lumens) - How large is the room? How much ambient light is in the room? How large do I need the image to be?

Contrast Ratio - How vivid do the colors need to be? Am I going to show video images?

Price - How much do I want to spend for all these features?


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