Selecting The Right Printer (Inkjet/Laser)Hide

Select the Right Type of Printer

Get a good general-use printer


Inexpensive ink-jet printers text and photos in black & white and colour, and offer most home printer users all the functionality they need. They make a good choice if you plan to print documents, spreadsheets, Web pages, and a few family photos.

Some printers mix cyan, magenta, and yellow (CMY) ink to create black text. These printers can quickly use up your colour ink and black often takes on a blue or green tone. Instead, look for a printer that has a separate K cartridge of black ink. A lot of newer printer models offer a four-colour cartridge. If you want the ability to replace each colour as ink runs out, look for a printer with separate cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink cartridges.

Put a printer in your home office

Anyone who prints more than 100 pages a day can save time and money by using a laser printer instead of an ink-jet printer. Laser printers feature large paper trays, print more pages per minute than ink-jets, and come in two varieties: monochrome and colour.


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