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How do I replace the toner cartridge in a laser printer?

First, remove the cartridge from the packaging. Hold the cartridge on the sides and rock it gently from side to side. This will loosen the toner inside of the cartridge. If you look on one side of the cartridge, there will be a piece of tape sticking out of it. Carefully break the plastic connector that is holding this to the unit. Slowly but firmly pull on this tape. It will come out of the cartridge. (Be careful when disposing of this tape - there will be toner on it.) Remove the old toner cartridge from the printer. Pay close attention to how you remove the old one. Insert the new cartridge in the same manner. Close the printer and test it.

These instructions (with diagrams) may also be found in the printer manual or in the box with the toner cartridge, and sometimes on the underside of the printer cover.

What does a "Print Overrun Error" mean?


This occurs when the document being printed requires more memory than the printer has installed. A printer cannot print a document until it has received a full page of information to print. If the printer does not have sufficient memory to print the page, then the printer will display this error. If this occurs, you can change some of the properties of the printer. From the Start menu, choose Settings, then Printers. Right-click on the printer and choose Properties. Under the graphics section (if there is one), change the graphics mode to "Use raster graphics". You might also try to print one or two pages at a time, rather than the whole document. If it continues to occur, you may need to upgrade the memory in your printer. For purchasing information, please contact us at 416-431-8956 or visit our website


 What does a "50 Service error" mean on my printer?

This error indicates that the fusing assembly is not heating up to the correct temperature. The fusing assembly is the device that melts the toner to the paper.

Turn off the printer and leave it off for 30 minutes. Turn it back on a try to print again. If the error still occurs, the fusing assembly or the AC power module may need to be replaced. Please contact the Administrative Help Desk for assistance with this.

What causes a black line or smudge running down my page?

A faulty toner cartridge or a faulty fusing assembly can cause black lines and smudges. To check the toner cartridge, remove it from the printer, turn it over and pull back the shutter until you see the drum (a long cylinder). The drum normally has lines along the outer edges, but if there are lines in the middle section, you'll need to replace the toner cartridge. If there is no line, the problem is probably the fusing assembly. Please contact the Administrative Help Desk for a replacement.

Why does my printer jam?

There are three primary causes of printer jams:

There could be some small pieces of paper stuck in the paper path. To fix this, remove the paper pieces. If you are unable to remove all the paper pieces, please call the Administrative Help Desk for assistance. The printer may need to be disassembled by a qualified technician in order to remove all the paper.


The rollers may be worn. The rollers are designed to be a bit tacky, but they may pick up dust from the paper, causing them to slip. Cleaning the rollers with alcohol will remove the dust. It is also helpful to clean them with some type of rubber rejuvenator to make them tacky again.


The paper may be sticking together. Dampness and static buildup can cause this to happen. Keep your paper stored in a dry location. To eliminate static buildup, remove the paper from the printer, "fan" it, then reload the paper try.


Other physical problems with the printer can also cause jamming.


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