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Copiers also have many consumable parts and supplies. Toner is a consumable supply. Well, there is also often developer, and such parts as the Drum, Fuser Rollers, Cleaning Blades, various lamps, and other components. All of which have a limited service life and will drastically affect machine performance and copy quality as they degrade. 

The frequency that a particular machine requires service repair or Preventative / Periodic Maintenance (PM) varies. Each machine has its own factory recommended maintenance schedule based upon the designated life expectancy of various parts within the machine, such as the drum, developer, fuser rollers, etc. But the frequency of maintenance can generally be gauged by the factory designated monthly copy volume figures. The higher this number is, the less frequent the machine will be in need of service. Also environmental and general operating conditions will greatly affect the time between Service PMs.

Typical repair cost for a one hour service call ranges between $55 to $210. The average cost per one hour service call for most makes is $90.

Regarding the care and maintenance of your machine there are a few simple things that you can do yourself, which could possibly save you hundreds of dollars a year depending on your machine and the volume of usage. Described below are some basic care and maintenance procedures for improving copy quality and performance. 

WARNING !! Disclaimer, we advises that you have a competent service
tech demonstrate to you appropriate procedures before trying it yourself.

 Tools and Supplies Needed :

Shop Vacuum Cleaner for cleaning up loose toner and dust from the inside of the machine or any spillage on floor/clothing.

Soft 1" wide Extended Length (min. 16" long) Paint Brush (provided in PM-Tech Kit) for cleaning deep into the interior of machine. Use in conjunction with vacuum. Gently brush loose toner and dust into vacuum nozzle.

Isopropyl (IPA 99%, provided in PM-Tech Kit) for cleaning stubborn toner residue. Avoid using watered down IPA (less than IPA 90%) which is commonly sold over the counter.

Rubber Rejuvenator (provided in PM-Tech Kit) for renewing feed tires and rollers.

Compressed Canned Air (provided in PM-Tech Kit) for cleaning out Corona Insulator Blocks, Sensors, PCB Printed Circuit Boards, and other components.

ADF Belt / Copy Pad Cleaner (provided in PM-Tech Kit) for cleaning Copyboard Pad or ADF Belt.

Lubricating Oil and Lube (provided in PM-Tech Kit) for lubricating Scanner shafts, Lens shafts, slide rails, and pads.

Glass Cleaner (Anti-static type, provided in PM-Tech Kit) for cleaning Copyboard glass and optics.

General Cleaners (Formula 409 or equivalent) for cleaning exterior of machine.

Lint-Free Cotton Cleaning Cloths (T-Shirt swatch or equivalent), use one each for alcohol, rubber rejuvenator, and one for each cleaner. Do not mix chemicals on the same cloth, as cross contamination of parts can cause problems.

Paper Towels (Bounty) for cleaning glass and general use. Note Bounty brand is the most lint-free.

Q-Tip swabs for cleaning Corona Charge wires and assemblies, and also other areas.

Basic Safety Tips and Precautions before working on machine :

  1. Un-Plug the Machine.
  2. Never Touch the machine Drum!
  3. Remove Jewelry.
  4. Wear short sleeves and work clothes.
  5. Protect floor area and surrounding work area.
  6. If toner is spilt, avoid wiping. Use only a vacuum to clean up, never use any water or liquid.

Basic Maintenance Procedures :

Open machine, and locate the drum so as you Do Not Touch It! (any fingerprints, scratches, pin holes, or nicks may ruin this costly part).

Carefully lightly brush and vacuum loose toner and dust from all accessible areas inside of the machine. Be careful to keep vacuum nozzle at least 2 inches away from delicate electronic components and circuit boards. Any static electricity may damage these sensitive components.

Locate and carefully remove the Corona Charge Wire Assemblies (typically 3 to 4 assemblies). Some Corona assemblies have a retaining screw. These Corona Chargers drastically affect copy quality when they are not perfectly clean. They may appear clean, but still may be soiled. Use a can of Compressed Air, blow toner residue away from Corona insulator block assembly. Do not shake the canned air or liquid will spray out, use short controlled burst of air. Next take a Q-Tip moistened with Isopropyl alcohol and wipe hair size corona wires clean. Some pressure may be applied with the Q-Tip, but be careful as not to break these delicate wires. For wires that are still soiled/dis-colored and not "squeaky clean" use special Corona Scour Strips (provided in PM-Tech Kit). Next reinstall Corona assemblies being careful not to damage the Drum.

Locate and clean heated Fuser Rollers in paper exit area of machine. Make sure the upper and lower rollers are allowed to fully cool before cleaning with an Isopropyl soaked cloth. Rotate rollers and clean residue. If rollers are found to have wear or are scratched have them replaced. Worn rollers will cause poor copy quality and paper wrinkling or jamming. While cleaning rollers notice Paper Pickoff Fingers/Separation Paws that contact the rollers, clean the hardened toner buildup from the underneath side of the Paper Pickoff Fingers/Separation Paws that contact the roller. Clean with fingernail or other suitable means.

Clean Paper Feed Tires (cassette area) and rubber drive rollers (inside machine) if they are easily accessible. Clean with a cloth moistened with Rubber Rejuvenator. Over time these tires/rollers will become glazed and hardened causing frequent paper jams.

Clean Copyboard Glass with Anti-static Glass Cleaner and paper towels. For stubborn residue scrape copyboard glass with single edged razor blade while glass is lubricated with cleaner, then clean again. If you feel capable, remove copyboard glass and lenses cover, clean all optical mirrors and lenses with anti-static glass cleaner only. Also you may want to slide (not force) the scanner/exposure lamp assembly (noting it's home position) to reveal all of the optical mirrors for cleaning.

Lubricate Scanner shafts, Lens shafts, slide rails, and pads. Use a small amount of lightweight machine oil for lubricating scanner and lens shafts. Place a small amount of white lithium lube on slide rail contact areas and pads.

Clean ADF Belt or Copyboard Pad with Special Belt / Pad Cleaner. Clean with a cloth moistened with Cleaner. Do not use other cleaners for they will most likely not clean properly and or cause damage to the ADF Belt. The Belt / Pad Cleaner is formulated to remove ink / toner stains and prevent unnecessary background when you perform reduced sized copies from the original.

Spray general cleaner on cloth and wipe exterior of machine clean.

Plug in machine and run only 1 copy at first to ensure that you have not inadvertently gotten something out of place which would cause damage on a multiple copy run. If all is well, then run 10 copies at a time until you have ran 30 test copies.

Make copy quality adjustments according to your manual or Service Sheet.

If the copy quality is still poor, see TroubleShooting.

Your Machine should now produce a quality copy.

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